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ISO/IEC17025, General Requirements for the
Competence of Testing and Calibration

ISO/IEC17025 contains the requirements that testing and calibration
laboratories have to meet if they wish to demonstrate that they
operate a quality system, are technically competent, and are able to
generate technically valid results. It covers testing and calibration
performed using standard methods, non-standard methods, and
laboratory-developed methods. Accreditation bodies that recognize
the competence of testing and calibration laboratories should also
use this International Standard as the basis for their accreditation.
In addition, all laboratories that comply with
ISO/IEC17025 will also
operate in accordance with
ISO9001, because all of the
requirements covered in those standards, relevant to the scope of
testing and calibration services that are covered by the laboratory's
quality system, have been incorporated into
The use of
ISO/IEC17025 will facilitate cooperation between
laboratories and other bodies, and assist in the exchange of
information and in the harmonization of standards and procedures.

For organizations beginning the implementation process:
  1. Introduce your management and personnel to the
    ISO/IEC17025 management system.
  2. Perform a GAP analysis and use the results to plan the
  3. Prepare and verify the documents required by ISO/IEC17025
    as well as any other documentation deemed necessary.
  4. Train and verify personnel in the new procedures
  5. Systematically implement the requirements of the standard
    throughout the organization
  6. Train internal auditors and implement an audit program as
    soon as possible.
  7. Teach process auditing and management, and how to
    improve processes
  8. As needed teach various aspects of ISO/IEC17025
For organizations already registered we conduct refresher training
in auditing, and the disciplines mentioned in 8 above.
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